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Working with seasoned and world-renowned tailings engineers, environmental scientists, geologists and other sectors specialists we have the capability as well as the capacity to deliver at the highest quality, efficiency and reasonable budget on tailings projects. 


Our service offering includes but limited to the what's listed below.

Engineering Design and Feasibility Studies.

  • Completion of feasibility studies through the different stages; concept, pre-feasibility  to bankable feasbility studies

  • Engineering design of new tailings disposal facilities and associated infrastructure

  • Recommissioning of dormant tailings facilities

  • Design of tailings dam components.

  • Structural design

  • Water balance studies

  • Slope Stability Analyses in 2D as well as 3D

  • Seepage analyses.

Tailings Surveillance.

Cyclone Deposition.jpg
  • We carry legal appointments in terms of regulation 2.6.1 of the Mineral act and Regulation Act No. 50 of 1991

  • On-going technical risk monitoring on tailings disposal and re-mining sites

  • Slope Stability Analyses in 2D as well as 3D

  • Audits on tailings disposal and re-mining sites

  • Monthly and quarterly reviews.

Operational Support.

  • Construction site supervision and project management

  • Predictive modelling and operational planning on deposition and re-mining sites

  • Review of code of practice and compilation and operational manuals

  • Development of deposition and re-mining plans.

Engineering Design Projects.

  • Design of DRD's Brakpan attenuation dam elevated dam wall

  • Stormwater and operational water management design around the Brakpan Tailings Disposal Facility

  • Samancor Eastern Chrome Mines, Steelpoort Tailings Disposal Complex life assessment and design

  • Part of a project team for the Ergo's Withok TDF Bankable feasibility Study.

Tailings Surveillance Projects.

  • Monthly technical risk monitoring on Anglo Gold Ashanti's Kareerand Tailings Disposal Facility

  • Monthly technical risk monitoring on DRD's Brakpan Tailings Disposal Facility.

  • Slope Stability Assessment of Booysendam Platinum Mine Tailings Facility

  • Slope Stability Assessment of Ergo Brakpan Tailings Disposal Facility.

  • Risk Assessment on DRD's dormant facilities for the development of a housing project by Dino Properties (PTY) LTD

  • Slope Stability Assessment of Jagersfontein Development De Beer's Tailings Dam

  • Tailings infrastructure audit for Anglo Gold Ashanti's Mine Waste Solutions Operation.

Operational Support Projects.

  • Cyclone Engineering Project's Operation at the Kareerand Tailings Disposal Facility

  • Compilation of re-mining plans for Anglo Gold Ashanti tailings surface resources; Sulphur Paydam, Buffels Complex, VRO East Residue and Harties Complex

  • Predictive modelling for the Ergo Brakpan tailings disposal facility in collaboration with Beric Robinson Tailings. 

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