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Lutails Engineering (PTY) LTD is a specialist consulting firm working in the mine tailings industry. Working with seasoned and world-renowned tailings engineers, environmental scientists, geologists and other sectors specialists we have the capability as well as the capacity to deliver at the highest quality, efficiency and reasonable budget on tailings projects.


Lula Tshongweni started the company in 2016. He is a highly trained and experienced engineering professional with seventeen continuous years of working in the tailings and waste management industry under different companies as an engineering professional, fulfilling different tasks from design, construction supervision and project management. He is a tried and tested business leader, a team player and a valuable asset to all projects the company gets involved in. Applying the tacit knowledge gained the over years with associates and technologically advanced computer software packages we are able to render great services to our clients. 


Our Vision

Lutails Engineering - Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global organisation that is dedicated to assisting mining houses across the globe in achieving their objectives as far as tailings is concerned. To promote sustainable, geotechnically and environmentally responsible management of tailings. This will enable responsible mining to continue and will leave a positive legacy of job creation, positive economic contributions and land that can still be used afterwards for generations to come. 

Tailovate - TPMS
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