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Tailovate is an innovative Tailings Data Collection, Processing and Reporting System. Data collection is undertaken with a weather proof hand-held device.  Customized programmes/alogrithms automatically generate the output reports, flagging non-conformances. The cloud based GIS system has been developed for the following operations/activities;

  • Tailings Deposition

  • Hydraulic Re-mining

  • Mechanical Re-mining and Load & Haul

  • Pipe Patrols and Infrastructure Inspections


Developed by our Alliance Partner;

Tailings Performance Monitoring Services PTY LTD (TPMS)

TPMS Logo.png
On-Site Data Collection
Uploaded to Cloud Databse
Generation of Technical Reports
Stored in Cloud Database
Reports Available Online


  • Improved integrity of data and hence output reports

  • Improved efficiency of process

  • Virtually real time information

  • Flagged non-conformances/risk points  



  • Set-up

  • TDF specific GIS uploaded by TPMS

  • Brief Client according to TPMS prescription

  • Mobile data collection device/s loaded with specific data recording proformas are issued

  • Access portal to GIS Cloud created for Client online login – password controlled

  • Output report customized by TPMS

  • Client and TPMS have real time oversight



  • TPMS provides Mobile data collection device/s to Client (with training)

  • Client collects/uploads data to GIS Cloud

  • Client (and/or appointed consultant) receives output reports




Track Deposition Plans and Record Risk Management Data

Track and Manage Re-mining Operations 

Track and Manage Load and  Haul Operations

Manage Pipe and Infrastructure Patrols and Audits

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